Enjoy rebates & exclusive privileges



Enjoy rebates & exclusive privileges

It is an exclusive cardless VIP Premium Membership program that allows VIP members exclusive offers such as enjoying our fresh durians at cost price, up to 50% discounts on selected items and many more!

Get to enjoy $80 worth of perks immediately!
FREE 1 X Fresh Box (600g) of Premium MSW (worth $60)
Enjoy fresh durians at cost (check out at www.goldenmoments.sg)
FREE $20 Golden Moments E-Vouchers (no min. spending, not applicable to Fresh durians, 1-for-1 and mooncakes)
Enjoy Exclusive VIP Premium Membership of up to 50% discounts for other premium products and gift sets (https://goldenmoments.sg/products/)
Enjoy birthday month perks!

We have Mao Shan Wang, Golden Phoenix, D13, Black Pearl, D24, Red Prawn, Black Thorn, D17, XO, Gang Hai, D101 and etc. (If we can control the stocks, we would love to give you every breeds you want! So bro, this is based on season and supply, while stocks last!)

It is $99 per year, only $0.28 per day and you can get to enjoy our fresh durians at cost!

You may use it by simply logging into your account in our website at www.goldenmoments.sg.

After signing up as a Golden Moments VIP Premium member, you can use your membership and enjoy the benefits immediately.

It is valid for 1 year from the date of signing up.

It is auto renewable.

Login to your VIP Premium Membership at www.goldenmoments.sg.

Select My Account -> My Subscription -> Cancel

On our website – www.goldenmoments.sg you will see the vast difference of our reasonable retail selling price VS our VIP Premium Membership Price.

To claim your complimentary perks, follow the steps below:

  • Login on www.goldenmoments.sg
  • Select My account
  • Select your membership and choose the perk you want to claim – eg. “Box of 600g Premium Fresh MSW”
  • You will be directed to the cart page
    Click on collection / delivery
  • Complete the checkout process
  • Enjoy your Golden Moments with your loved ones!

Of course bro! All deliveries are chargeable at cost, we don’t earn from it bro. We outsourced it to 3rd party logistic company. Please feel free to recommend any other cheaper 3rd party logistic options to us if you have, so we can lower the cost of delivery too!

There are no restrictions to claim for the complimentary perks, just take note that you need to pay for delivery fees (as we outsourced it to 3rd party logistic company).

Alternatively, you can always choose to self collect at our HQ @ 110 Geylang Lorong 23, Victory Center #07-10. We will be super happy to welcome you! 🙂

There will not be any limit for now. We will constantly do our best to ensure there’s enough stocks as the supply for fresh durians are on a seasonal basis.

For orders above 30 boxes of fresh durians, we will strongly advise you to pre-order 3 days in advanced first so that we can ensure enough stocks for you.

You will be able to redeem from the 1st / 2nd week of June onwards (as the durian supply will be ready due to the season)

Due to the current off peak season, durian supply is low. We may have small batches of durians from time to time. But don’t worry, the peak of the season will be in June!

At Golden Moments, we ensure a 100% quality assurance to all our customers. Durians like many other fruits may be good or bad due to the natural supply. Only spoiled or unripe durians will be eligible for replacement. Do send us photos and videos of the affected durians within 2 hours of delivery via email [email protected]. State your invoice number as the subject title. Upon verification on our end, we will fully replace the affected durians (if affected durians are more than 50% per box) and replacement will be done on the next order because we are selling you at cost. Alternatively, you can drop by at our HQ to collect it! 🙂

The validity of the $20 e-voucher is 1 year upon signing up.

You may login to your VIP Premium account, select the e-voucher and claim it. The discount will be reflected in your check out cart!

VIP premium members will already be getting our fresh durians at cost price hence we will not be able to give any additional discounts as we need to sustain the business so that we can continue to serve you our fresh durians at cost price!

Anyway, if you think about it, it’s extremely worth it already, because, as a VIP premium member, not only do you get to enjoy the products at a high discounted price and still, additional $10 discount on top of the premium discounts!

You may use it by simply logging into your account in our website at www.goldenmoments.sg.

No. Our membership is non-transferable.