Tips to Appreciate Durian

Durians have a bad reputation. Many find them smelly and weird-looking to the extent that it is being shunned away in public transport. Here at Golden Moments, we would like everyone to know that consuming durian is so much tamer than the thought of it.

Here are some tips to appreciate durian and the first bite. Here’s a warning though, you might just become a durian lover!

  1. Durian is not like other fruits

Common fruits like grapes and berries are juicy, sweet and slightly acidic. Durians are unlike the usual fruits you have, so don’t expect it to taste like them. On the contrary, durians are rich in taste and creamy. One can expect an explosion of flavours which tantalises the taste buds!

  1. Choose the right durian

All of us have different preferences. Some like red grapes, while others like green grapes. Similarly, there are so many different types of durians to choose from. Some taste sweet as chocolate while others have a hint of alcohol taste. With a wide variety of durian to choose from, there’s sure to be the one that makes you fall in love with durians. See here for some of the common types of durian!

  1. Know how to buy durians

It is definitely not easy to buy the right durian especially when it’s your first time. Many durian sellers who know that you’re a newcomer to durians may try to sell you low grade durians at high prices. Our tip is to go to a durian seller with a good reputation or try to go with a friend who has good knowledge about durians. Here at Golden Moments, we make sure our durians are of the finest quality so that we save you the trouble of finding the right durian!

  1. Enjoy it in other forms of durian treats

Eating durians right off the seed might be too overpowering for some. What we recommend is to first try durian in the form of other treats such as durian puffs and durian cakes. Once you are more familiar with the taste, you can enjoy it on its own! Check out Golden Moments’ range of durian treats that are sure to satisfy!