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Savour the delicious flavour of fresh durian from Golden Moments in Singapore. If you're a fan of tropical fruits, then you simply must try our exotic durians, which is known for its unique, creamy texture and rich, flavourful taste. 

Whether you're a seasoned durian lover or a first-time taster, our collection of fresh durian fruits is sure to delight your taste buds. From the creamy, custard-like flesh to the sweet, musky aroma, every bite is a true sensory experience. Buy your fresh durian online from us now and enjoy the convenience of our islandwide delivery across Singapore

Fresh Mao Shan Wang Fruit And Other Durian-Flavoured Treats

For durian lovers, nothing tastes quite as heavenly as biting into the soft flesh of a fresh Mao Shan Wang fruit. Its creamy texture and legendary flavour has garnered it a cult-like following in Singapore that continues to grow. 

Our fresh durian is hand-picked and carefully selected to ensure that you receive only the finest product. We work closely with farmers and suppliers to ensure that our fruits are always fresh and ripe, so you can enjoy the full, sweet flavour that the durian is famous for. Don't miss out on this delicious opportunity – order from us online now and experience the taste of fresh durian for yourself!

We believe that everyone in Singapore should have the opportunity to enjoy fresh, high-quality durian. That's why we offer a variety of durian varieties to suit all tastes and preferences. For those who are looking for desserts, there are plenty of durian-flavoured treats to satisfy the cravings, from yummy celebratory cakes to delightful ice cream. These desserts put a delicious spin on this oh-so-special flavour. To add an extra zing of flavour and texture, some of these treats even come with a sprinkle of real durian flesh too! 

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to incorporating the delicious king of fruit into your diet. Shop our fresh durian collection now and savour the unique flavour of this tropical product.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering & Buying Fresh Durian Online In Singapore

1. Where to buy durian online in Singapore?

Treat yourself to the delectable taste of fresh durian by ordering online from Golden Moments and enjoy same day delivery across Singapore. Save more by getting our Bundle Deals!

Other than fresh durian fruits, we also offer a curated variety of durian-flavoured desserts such as Gourmet Treats and Long Da Ge.

2. How do I choose my Mao Shan Wang durian to ensure the fruit is fresh

When it comes to selecting and buying your durian in Singapore, look out for the following:
  • Aroma: A strong, sweet scent near the stem indicates that the fruit is fresh and of good quality. 
  • Shape: Bulging sides typically indicate fleshy seeds, while concave sides suggest an empty chamber. Odd-shaped durians are usually more aromatic and creamier than perfectly-rounded ones
  • Colour: Fresh Mao Shan Wang durian typically boasts a bright yellow skin.
To find out more, read our article on more details to look out for when buying your durian

If you buy your durian online from us, rest assured that we only offer the freshest and most delicious durian available in Singapore, straight from the source.

3. How much is delivery if I order fresh durian online from Golden Moments?

Our durian delivery services cover all locations across Singapore, with a flat fee of $15 per location. Buying more durian treats from us and your order exceeds $158? We offer a reduced delivery fee of $6.99 for these purchases. Check out our FAQs for more details.

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