What Exactly is “Black-Gold” Durian?

You may be wondering, what exactly is “Black Gold” durian? 

To put it simply, it is a different class of durian and the emperor of all. Think you have tasted the best durians? Well, you’ve got to try the Black Gold durian which is the enhanced and more premium version of Mao Shan Wang durians!

Sought after by many durian lovers, the black gold durians are specially cultivated in private plantations in the regions of Pahang to produce the strong bitter notes that complements the sweetness of the rich durian flesh. 

How do you tell a black gold durian apart from other durians? Here are some special features of the signature durian.

1. Appearance

A Black Gold durian should have dark greyish green seams on the durian husks. This is a sign of a mature durian tree which is capable of producing a complex, bitter and delicious taste.

2. Taste

Dubbed as the emperor of durians, you can expect a whole new mind blowing experience when trying out the Black Gold durian. The premium durian features thick and succulent flesh, with an intense flavour of liquor. This is well complemented by notes of chocolate, toffee and coffee. 

3. Availablility

This species of durian is well-loved and highly sought after by many. Since the Black Gold durian is being exclusively cultivated, it is only available in seasonal quantities. Only a handful of the best durians are picked by experienced graders, making the Black Gold durian a cut above the rest. Watch out for the upcoming durian season to sink your teeth into these exclusive and premium grade durians!