Durian Myths Debunked!

Durians are known to be the “King of The Fruits” and many Singaporeans are in love with the unique taste of the durian flesh. However, many overseas visitors find it dreadful because of its’ strong odour. They also associate durian to being fattening and high in cholesterol.

How many of these are actually true? Let’s debunk the myths together!

MYTH 1: Durian is high in cholesterol

Contrary to belief, durians contain no cholesterol! Cholesterol is mainly found in foods such as red meats, dairy products and seafood which is high in saturated fats. On the other hand, durians have many health benefits such as lowering your levels of bad LDL cholesterol and contain lots of fibre. See our article here to find out more health benefits!

MYTH 2: Mangosteen must be eaten together with durian

You have probably heard that durian is “heaty” and mangosteen, being a “cooling” fruit, is commonly seen whenever there’s durian on the table. However, there is no scientific research that durian causes heatiness. The rise in body temperature that one may experience may be due to the metabolic process of digesting the fruit.

MYTH 3: Eating durian and drinking beer at the same time may kill you

There is no scientific evidence that eating durian and drinking alcohol will kill you. Consuming alcohol and durian in excessive amounts may only cause bloating and indigestion as your liver has to work extra hard to metabolise the compounds.

MYTH 4: Durian is fattening

Durians have a bad reputation of being fattening. Well, overindulging in anything can cause weight gain even common staples like white rice and noodles. The assumption of durian being fattening is false as long as you eat it in moderation. We know it’s hard to eat durian in moderation especially when it’s so delicious!

MYTH 5: Durian can give you a sore throat

Durians are not the sole cause of a sore throat and instead, is usually caused by dehydration. Just remember to hydrate yourself after a durian feast!